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The showroom also features many examples of fine vintage jewelry and contemporary jewelry of Martin’s design and modern custom manufacture. But what makes his showroom unique and fun are the display cases for specific watch brands. They mix watches, antiques, literature, models, and even action figures to tell the story and convey a "vibe" for each brand.

Buying Watches In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Martin Pulli Watch Stores
Martin Pulli

A great example of this is when a company uses a base movement and produces a module in-house that goes over the base movement. Modules are movement-like systems that add functionality to more simple base movements. Some companies produce modules entirely in-house and use entire movements from outside suppliers, or might modify outside movements before using in-house modules.

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De Bethune DB28 GS 'Grand Sport' Watch Hands-On Hands-On De Bethune DB28 GS 'Grand Sport' Watch Hands-On Hands-On

While watch brands may have "fashion on their minds" when contemplating marketing decisions, they also like to preach the value of heritage and timelessness. These qualities, in many instances, are mutually exclusive from the idea that something is meant to be worn on a temporary basis only. Luxury watches also differ from fashion because different mentalities are at work when appreciating the desirability of the items. The guy who is interested in watch movements and car engines, isn't likely to be the same demographic that watches runway shows and is interested in the style section of the newspaper or websites.

Christophe Claret Aventicum Watch With Mirascope Dial Watch Releases

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